Welcome to the Wake The #$*! Up Show

Welcome to the Wake The #$*! Up Show, spawned by the recently published book of the same name. Hosted by Powerhouses Tony Schmaltz and Erin Birch, this show brings a male and female perspective to the topics discussed.

This show is a conversational, interview style show where we get down to the nitty gritty with our guests. Every guest that we bring on will bring an energy that will keep you engaged for the entire episode. We don’t have any Debbie Downers or Gloomy Gus’s, no siree Bob, we bring the energy and flow that you have been looking for. We have real conversations with real people about real topics you want to know about and we dig deep. On this show we will talk with entrepreneurs, athletes, personal and business coaches, career professionals, authors, artists, scientists, etc.

You name it and we will have them.

Episode 1 - Introduction to the Wake The #$*! Up Show

In this episode, your host, Tony Schmaltz gets real about how this show is going to go and who is going to be a part of it. How this is going to help you grow.

We are going to have real talk with real people.

Episode 2 - Romy Van Der Merwe

In this episode we talk with the AMAZING Romy Van Der Merwe about how to overcome imposter syndrome and people pleasing. You need a little Romy in your life. Make sure to listen to the entire episode for all of the value.

Get your free clarity call with Romy at:


Episode 3 - Donald Dunn

In this episode, we speak with long time combat veteran, Donald Dunn, who has gone from over 20 years of deployment to battling PTSD to owning a trucking company to now philanthropist. Find him at the below locations and support his cause.

Website: https://wordsfromwarriors.org/?page_id=186

Episode 4 - Lucie Ptasznik

In this episode, we dive right into Quantum Physics and the power of rewiring yourself with Lucie. You don't want to miss this episode.

Get your special promotion deal from Lucie at the following link.


Episode 5 - Erin Birch

In this episode, we talk with Erin Birch who is a single Mom turned successful entrepreneur. She is an amazing transformational coach that specializes in helping people get out of their heads and into their real selves in order to find their true success.

This is a must listen episode with my dear friend Erin. Find her at the below links.


Episode 6 - Dave Albin

In this episode we speak with Dave Albin, who is literally the Fire Walking Master. He spent 20 years as Tony Robbins Fire Walking Chief and now runs the Fire Walk Adventures and the Fire Walk Academy.

This man is the master of mental strength and the power that we all have inside to be great. This is a must watch episode with great stories, life lessons, humor and all around great talk. Find Dave at the below locations.

Website: https://firewalkadventures.com/

Episode 7 - Ryan Dodge

In this episode we talk to Ryan Dodge who is a combat veteran and real estate investor that puts himself out there to help people first. A man that pulled himself up by his bootstraps to become a very successful real estate investor and now works to help bring others up as well. You can find him at the following locations.

This is a great episode to get everything you need to know about overcoming adversity and capitalizing in the real estate industry.

Find Ryan Here:



Episode 8 - Lane Kawaoka - From Engineer to Successful Real Estate Agent

In this episode we talk with Lane Kawaoka who came from meager beginnings to being a master real estate investor. He helps you see how you too can make it big in real estate when you are ready to get going.

From a Ramen-eating Cheapo, buying his first place right after college, Lane has now owned real estate worth $2.1 billion. You need to hear his story and what he has to say in this episode.

Find him here: https://www.thewealthelevator.com/

Creating Miracles both Inside and Out

Steve Krivda

If you are thinking about working with Tony, it is not about "IF", but "WHEN". When are you ready to step into who you are meant to be and the life you were meant to have. If this is what you want for yourself, then you need to have a conversation with Tony.

Lindsay Sewell

If you are someone who has big dreams and goals, but something has been holding you back from creating success, you should speak with Tony. Not only will he uncover your limiting beliefs and unlock your potential, but he has the marketing knowledge and skills to help you put those dreams into action and start building the life and business you have always wanted.

Angi Berthold

Tony’s coaching has helped me grow so much both with my business and in my personal life. His tasks about “Asking anyone for anything” have pushed me to accomplish things I never thought possible, including asking for a 75% discount at a retail store…and getting it.

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