Meet Tony Schmaltz

"We all need a little Tony Schmaltz on our shoulder"

Mark Lubragge

Gurus & Game Changers Podcast

Tony has a passion for helping people upgrade their lives in any area possible. Specializing in mindset, wealth creation, manifesting, relationships and happiness; he will help you live the life of your dreams. Tony has shared live or virtual stages with Les Brown, Tom Ziglar, Steve Chandler, Waldo Waldman, Tana Goertz, and so many more.

Tony has spent most of his life in some sort of personal development. However, he hit it really hard in the last 5 years, spending over $250,000 to learn, grow and succeed.

His “No Nonsense”, humorous style of teaching and coaching gets people off their asses to take necessary actions, such as in;

  • Personal Responsibility and Choice

  • Stop Being a People Pleaser

  • Self-Motivation

  • Positive Habits, Disciplines and Persistence

  • Time Management and Focus

  • Finding True Success and Happiness

Tony began leading people to success almost 25 years ago starting in the manufacturing world and during those years, he learned from many leaders, mentors and coaches. He has helped many, many people find their successful careers, businesses and lives throughout his career and business. He has helped people find these successes through a specific style of calmly and politely…telling how it is.

The Schmaltz Family

Tony is a husband, father, author, speaker, trainer, coach, fisherman and all around Schmaltzy guy. He puts his family first and has for the more than 21 years that he and his wife Anika have been together.

When he is not serving people through his speaking, coaching or training, you can find him and Markus at the Archery Range practicing or fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Spending time with his loved ones is a top priority of his. Anika and Tony have also raised two of their nieces, Stephenny and Tiffany who are now in their 20's and not pictured here.

Although the family looks happy here, it has not always been all peaches and cream. This family has been through a lot together, overcoming adversity at every turn. They have stuck together and supported each other through the good times and the bad to make it to where they are today.

His friends and colleagues know him as "Schmaltzy", a nickname that he first attained on a trip to Germany at 17 years old. The German definition of the word schmaltzy means "To be overly sappy or cheesy", like a joke is cheesy. Even though Tony takes his coaching and speaking seriously, he does bring a level of humor that makes his Schmaltzy nickname very fitting for him.

If you want someone real that is going to give it to you straight and help you become the best version of you...then here you have him.